'American Chopper': Can Paul Sr. ever rebuild his relationship with his sons?

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Has Mikey Teutul finally had enough of the father-son conflict on Discovery's American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior?

After months of anger, accusations and hurt feelings, Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. finally sat down to have a face-to-face conversation. But, what really happened fans may never know, as the entire thing was off-camera, and, after the fact, the accounts of whether or not the meeting went well from the perspectives of Senior and Junior seemed as muddled and confused as ever.

“It went okay,” according to Junior, who seemed to believe that, post conversation, they were on the right track. “The fact that we met, I thought it was important to meet. … I think our meeting, it turned out to be more about setting ground rules than making any major changes in our relationship.” According to Junior, it is now all about respect, but he seemed to be less interested in any type of true relationship building. “We have to have a starting point. His life is his life, and my life is my life, now. Hopefully down the road, they can come together at some point in time, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen right at this moment.” Junior seemed not just relieved, but happy with the outcome as he told his wife about his view of events.

Senior, on the other hand, was obviously unhappy with the outcome as he spoke to his wife, and was unsure as to whether or not to even continue to try.

“I was kinda thrown back, because I was looking for a little bit more than that,” he said. “It wasn’t really about me and him and all." Senior described Junior’s attitude as being all about business—an unsatisfactory resolution, in his point of view.

“Basically, he doesn’t really want to have a relationship with me, other than what he said about the business,” he said. “So, really, what was the sense of going there and talking in person? The whole purpose of that thing was meeting face-to-face, which we haven’t done in years, and, hopefully, face-to-face, discussing some of the issues, and being able to say, well, let’s move forward, in whatever area it is, even if it’s a little bit, just the littlest thing.”

While Junior seemed to think they made progress, setting some kind of ground rules, Senior seemed distraught at the outcome, as well as even more frustrated. “If he doesn’t want a father and son relationship, I can’t make that happen. I think at this point, I gotta figure, what’s the next step, or is there a next step? Where do you go from here? You’re the father, you need to keep trying. And, I have been, I really believe I have been, if you count how many times I’ve reached out to him.”

Overall, unfortunately, things don’t appear to be looking up for the father-son relationship between the two Pauls. And, as for Mikey?

According to the teaser for the upcoming episode, Mikey may be considering getting out of the reality show grind. One cannot help but wonder what he would do should he actually quit the show—he doesn’t display any marketable skills on the show, and it is hard to believe that his “art gallery” would fill that ticket. But, again, the idea that he could be leaving the show is simply the subject of a teaser at this point—and teasers are notoriously misleading.

Will Mikey actually leave American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior? And, will Paul Sr. finally decide he’s finished reaching out to his sons, only to have his efforts slapped down in the end?

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by John L (not verified) on
"Art Gallery" in quotes - love it. It is clear that Mikey is a self-absorbed, habitual lazy boned ham. Maybe I'll try this, maybe I'll try that - anything not to work hard for a sustained period of time and always the victim. I am not a PAul Sr. fan, but Mikey having him to rationalize his victim status is a crutch for more Cheetos on the couch and finger painting. Funny guy, but we all have silly friends - most of them however, work for a living. You wanted to play the clown, you got it. But when you don't have another arrow in your quiver - yoga re just a clown. Dude announces he is going to lose weight for a child with cancer and only drops 10 bills is two months. Chester Cheeto is calling again.....Lame.

Submitted by Lyric (not verified) on
Personally, I feel that Sr may be starting or has been in stages of dementia for awhile now and he is not seeing himself as the angry ole dude that he is. I watched this show when it first came on years ago and Sr was pretty much a mean person then and just got meaner as he aged. I feel as though he is jealous of Jr's talent and wants to take the credit for everything that is good and blame all else on Jr. I mean, what parent would sit around and constantly harp and talk negative things to people that he works with about your own flesh and blood...I am not talking he didn't do his chores today type gripe either. He has constantly degraded Jr to the other cronies in his office that would listen, and be foolish enough to comment back. How stupid? He may for a moment come out of his dementia and attack you for talking about his son! Sr has plenty of a** kissers that work for him; that his how they keep their jobs. The only one that works for him about anything and worth anything is Rick. Rick cares for both and doesn't tell one or the other that they are right or wrong. He knows that this is a family situation that can only be resolved by and between themselves. I think Jr once again was the real MAN when they met in private...He knows that his father is good for being the A** that he is and its not so easy to just move on like nothing ever happened, and that all is good now!

Submitted by joisy goil (not verified) on
This is such a hard situation. I honestly can feel for both sides. My father was a hard case like Senior, (the type of guy who would ask you a question only to use your reply against you later). That kind of treatment hurts and after enough time goes by you realize the only way to defend yourself from this constant degrading pain is avoidance. Then on Senior's side, he feels his sons are rejecting him and that hurts too and maybe subconsciously he feels that it is a payback of sorts. I think deep down he feels some anger because his take is that he loves his sons and Junior should 'know' that somehow. I think there is hope because I think the love is there but it will take time for the wounds to heal. I just hope they have the time. My father lived long enough for us to reconcile. Not everyone has that good fortune. I like them both. I hope they take their relationship full circle and end up friends as well as father and son.

Submitted by Curtis (not verified) on
Good riddance, he contributes nothing to the show. He is a fat, lazy, ill groomed nerd with no talent for anything. His art is a joke and at the same level you would find children finger painting in kindegarden. In fact the show has degenerated where it is the same old crap over and over. I usually fast forward thru most of it.

Submitted by joisy goil (not verified) on
I can't argue with you, Mikey's art work is not what I'd hang on my walls. I just wonder if the whole 'family feud' thing isn't part of the script. Because as you say the show is very predictable. i wonder if the producers didn't invent the family troubles to generate interest.

Submitted by james mcd (not verified) on
I think mikey is a lttle lazy but i also think he might be a little misunderstood he probably has some learning disabilties maybe possible add (or)adhd. Or maybe he eat to many paint chips as a kid hell maybe they lived under power lines he also could have been dropped on his head as a babby . But some this stuff could be just speculation some maybe true who knows!!!!!! All is that i do know that i used to be a big fan of the american chopper show until the father started to turn on his kids hell i don't blame mikey or paul jr. For not haveing anything to do with sr. I think sr. Is a complete jackass i mean as the show got more comonly known or popular and richer he got he instead of continueing to run the shop him self and letting the show management run things the way i see things is that paul sr's buissness really isn't his any more i think sr. Sold out his sons and the fans of the show and his whole family. Like i said i don't blame the kids. I'm haveing the same kind of trouble with my dad also. Paul sr. Needs to change his thinking because he's doing this crap to him self he says that he's trying but it don't seem like it. I think paul jr. Should gett a 2×4 and smack his father across the head maybe that will knock some sense in to him

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