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Armenia Leads Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals Per Capita

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Today's Los Angeles Times presents the list of Olympic Medals Per Capita where a small nation of Armenia leads by having one Olympic Medal per 1,484,293 people. Check the MPC national listing of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games below.

In 2004 Olympic Games Armenia won zero medals and on the Medals Per Capita listing came the 127th on the listing even with India.

LA Times writes:

"Well, let's applaud Armenia, which just grabbed two bronzes and ascended from below the charts all the way to No. 1 in the Tuesday MPC standings. Which, as usual, beat the mulch out of the paltry and inexcusably lazy Medals Table used in the Olympics.

"The Medals Table had the United States first at 22 and then China at 20, as if culling 22 medals from 303,824,646 citizens or 20 from 1,330,044,605 constituted some sort of big whoop-dee-doo.

"After Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan's bronze in the men's 62-69kg weightlifting, and Roman Amoyan's bronze in the men's under-55kg Greco-Roman wrestling, Armenia had two medals among merely 2,968,586 citizens, or one for every 1,484,293 Armenians."

Here is the Listing of Medals Per Capita

1. Armenia (2) - 1,484,293
2. Australia (10) - 2,060,086
3. Slovakia (2) - 2,622,375
4. Azerbaijan (3) - 2,725,905
5. Finland (2) - 2,727,704
6. North Korea (7) - 3,354,156
7. South Korea (12) - 4,102,737
8. Austria (2) - 4,102,767
9. The Netherlands (4) - 4,161,328
10. Croatia (1) - 4,491,543

(Some select bottom-dwellers):

30. United States (22) - 14,467,840
40. China (20) - 66,502,230
46. India (1) - 1,147,995,898

-- Chuck Culpepper


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Armenia has since won a third bronze so one for less than a million people each!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
New Zealand 5 medals @ 854910 people per medal ....

Submitted by Eddie100 (not verified) on
WOW, that's so great for Armenia, i always knew Armenia is a small country full of heros. Congratulations to Armenia. By the way, Armenia has already 4 medals, instead of 2. And i am sure that's not the limit they can do.

Submitted by Hbard Hye (not verified) on
Armenia now has 5! That's not counting the medals Armenians have won for other countries, like a gold for the Ukraine (I believe) in marksmanship. Getseh Hayastan. Getsen mer Hayera.

Submitted by ant (not verified) on
it would be so good to see all those deserving top 10 per capita countries getting as much recognition as the big countries. putting it into perspective would be a nice change!

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