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Mountain Men: Will Eustace keep his land in Season Two?

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Mountain Men ended its first season last night and, true to form, it was ridiculous.

Season One of Mountain Men is over.

What a colossal waste of an opportunity for a great show.

My hopes were high from the very beginning for this show. It could have been a modern-day Alone in the Wilderness. Mountain Men could have actually taken three individuals living in various mountain areas, and shown viewers what it is like to live “off-the-grid” to varying extents. It could have presented viewers with real situations and real people. It could have even—gasp—offered viewers some knowledge that they could have walked away with after each 60-minute sitting, something that was real and perhaps even helpful to someone living in another situation, one not necessarily as extreme or drastic as the ones in which these three were said to reside.

Instead, producers of Mountain Men presented viewers with a campy farce each week, making its stars into presumable caricatures of themselves and insulting fans with gun switches; having Marty's gun disappear into thin air on more than one occasion; and, really, coming up with some of the most contrived, over-the-top, “mountain men” drama a roomful of never-owned-a-gun writers could dream up for the small screen.

Could Marty, Tom and Eustace be the “real deal?” They could be, but how would anyone watching this show know? According to the History Channel, great oudoorsman Eustace is unaware of how to use the word "misfire" appropriately (no, for the final time, it does NOT mean "failure to achieve desired results" in the presented situation)--is that the "real deal?" And, are viewers at fault if they laugh and point out this and many other production misfires--yes, failures to achieve desired results--throughout the show?

Of course they aren't; the producers are.

Reality Programming CAN Be Great

There are some excellent reality shows out there these days, featuring real people doing real things. Swamp People, also on the History Channel, comes to mind. For Alaska living, Flying Wild Alaska (Discovery Channel) is good, as is Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery Channel). Dual Survival (Discovery Channel) gives viewers some real knowledge for potential life-threatening situations. And, of course, the king of all things-most-of-us-could-never-do reality shows, Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel), consistently gives people good reality television. Are any of these “production free,” with no off-camera manipulation of scenes or TV magic in editing? No, of course not. But, they are well-done shows, and they respect not only the stars, but the fans, as well, by striving to give viewers shows that, in the world of reality television, are realistic. 100% “real,” maybe not; but realistic, yes.

Mountain Men could have been one of those shows; it definitely is not.

Season Two of Mountain Men will bring back Marty, Tom and Eustace, and will add a new “mountain man” to the gang. Perhaps, given the not-so-impressive feedback the show has received overall, the producers for this History Channel show will strive to give viewers something better next go around. If not, it will still probably be one of the funniest hours on television, intentional or otherwise. Until then, let’s just hope that Eustace made it back to Turtle Island Preserve without being overtaken by that overwhelming brushfire he encountered on his way into Boone.

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikimedia Commons via Ken Thomas


Submitted by devawn (not verified) on
Well that just busted my bubble lol. They shouldn't call it reality Tv bunch of liars. Don't think I like him that much anymore :-(

Submitted by Elmo Bannannabush (not verified) on
I saw the diesel engine. Also noted the two of them were wearing ear muffs because of the noise. The votage meter displayed indicated that it was 24 VDC system. I am quite sure that if he actually owned an electric sawemill, it would require 3 phase power. Not to mention he had wood stacked up pass Giraffe's ass. COME ON MARTY!!!

Submitted by Jeff K. (not verified) on
Thank you for keeping it real!

Submitted by NC Lawyer (not verified) on
I finally saw the episode today. The question I have been waiting to ask was not answered by the show. Why was Euseless Wrongway going to court? He didn't have a summons. Does anyone running this show have the tiniest inkling of how the civil process works so as to make this even semi-plausible? It would take a child to think he could just ride up to the courthouse, hitch his horse to a parking meter and walk in to see a judge. What is the judge supposed to do? What motion is set on for hearing? What case is open? Is Euseless now a lawyer? Does he think the mystery judge in his mystery case can just rule on his mystery motion without the other side being represented? Even if it is a tax issue, the government gets a chance to be heard. But even discussing this as if Euseless is actually going into court is giving me a headache. But I wish he would march in there demanding justice and a hearing on a six year old judgment. He would be thrown under the jail for contempt. Seriously, this isn't even on par with a cartoon at this point.

Submitted by Brent (not verified) on
...but it always disappoints. Right before a commercial break they build things up into this life or death moment , and then when they come back from a commercial break we're like through that one no problem. it'd wouldn't be that bad if it didn't happen over and over, every commercial, every end of every episode. - will Marty's plane crash? "We're not gonna make it!" - 150 lb. pack my ass...anyone who backpacks can tell from how he hoisted and walked with it that it's nowhere near that...and on and on and on - will Eustice be able to make it to the courthouse in time? he can't spend the money for the TEN MILE trip so he takes a day breaking a "new" trail to the main road, shoes a horse who's never ridden on a highway, heads out, holds up traffic, "barely" makes it through the horrific leaf fire next to the road...and on and on and on i GOOD CONCEPT. PISS POOR EXECUTION.

Submitted by anonamouse (not verified) on
I was sorry to see all the haters on this sight , yes the show is corny , and it seems Eustace sold out. But he is a true wilderness/mountain man not an actor or producer. My husband went to school at App St when Eustace was there and remember him living off the land in a tee pee in the woods, over 20 yr ago. As long as we can remember he has tried to find a way to share his love of nature and the simpler life, through learning camps ect. unfortunately this program seems contrived to what the producers wanted. I would much rather have seen a docudrama on his life it would be much more interesting. But then what do I know who would have thought Snookie would be a house hold name, apparently that is what the general viewers want. What ever the reason he owes money for his land, taxes or a law suit, I hope he is able to keep it, and hopefully get back to the life he has lived and loved for so long.

Submitted by Elmo Bannannabush (not verified) on
It's not about being a "hater", far from it. It's about being lied to and purposely mislead by the people involved with the show. All of them. The way I see it, there were more lies and half-truths than not. COME ON MARTY!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Eustace Conway is the real deal. Both of my boys attended a 2-week summer camp at Turtle Island and they are forever changed. I had the pleasure of spending about 3-4 hours with Eustace, as he gave some of us a tour of Turtle Island via horse and buggy. He lives simply, honestly, and with a HUGE heart. I am a big fan of Eustace and everyone at Turtle Island. The show does none of these men justice.

Submitted by coyotejoe (not verified) on
Two boys for two weeks plus a buggy ride probably cost you betwen four and five grand, right?

Submitted by Elmo Bannannabush (not verified) on
I assume you mean for each boy. Four grand if they rode in the buggy together, five grand is they rode separate. Wow!! That is 2-1/2 years of income for Useless!! HA-HA COME ON MARFTY!!!


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