Tom Selleck returning for more Blue Bloods, but may retire Jesse Stone

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Although Sunday’s eighth Jesse Stone TV movie got great reviews, 67-year-old Tom Selleck says he may retire this Scotch-swilling character.

“I’m always prepared to hear this will be the last one,” explained Tom Selleck after appearing in eight Jesse Stone TV movies – including Sunday’s “Benefit of Doubt” that got good reviews – in a May 17 interview for USA Today. In addition, the actor said: “I refuse to wrap up and resolve everything and do some feel-good show. If it had to end there, it’s not a bad way to go.” While USA Today reported how Selleck, at age 67, “still has legs” for his Jesse Stone character – in the same way he was keen on playing the role of Magnum when he flew around in a Ferrari – his role as Stone is different because it’s a lot like the real Tom Selleck in art imitating real life. Also, the actor is busy with his role as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in what USA Today called “Sellecks’ rave-worthy role on ‘Blue Bloods;’ with this CBS cop show returning for a third season this fall.”

Also, with his role as Jesse Stone now becoming a part of the same legacy role as “Magnum,” Selleck adds how he’s “very, very happy to say” that Stone will remain one of his favorite roles.

In fact, the actor told USA Today that Sunday night’s Jesse Stone TV movie “Benefit of Doubt” was the best Jesse movie yet, because “it’s very deliberate.”

Selleck becomes Jess Stone

The role of Jesse Stone in the series of made-for-TV movies is based on the Robert B. Parker novels. In turn, the series of nine books allows for one more possible Stone TV movie, with Selleck telling USA Today last week that Jesse typically shoots over three weeks in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but there’s no word yet on the ninth and final chapter.

Also, Selleck says “the actual mystery of the show is Jesse. Because they story is told through Jesse’s eyes, the audience has to walk in his shoes.”

Selleck, who is executive producer of Jesse Stone, means he has “a hand in the shaping the scripts;" while the actor also explained how he's "been walking in Jesse’s sturdy lace-ups since 2005, and over time, the two have meshed. “There’s the appreciation for dogs and Scotch. There’s the Luddite leanings: Jesse relies on an ancient-looking answering machine; Selleck says he’s ‘so computer-literate I sometimes say ‘information superhighway.’”

In addition, Selleck admits that he and Jesse even dress the same with dark collared shirt, corduroy blazer (though the actor’s is from Armani – probably not a place most people on a cop’s salary would shop) and those jeans that Jesse always wears like the real-life Tom Selleck.

“Our (Jesse Stone) shows have pace, but it’s a different pace,” explained Selleck during the USA Today interview that also included the actor talking about his other favorite role as Thomas Magnum.

Selleck is still Magnum

In fact, Thomas William “Tom” Selleck’s role as private investigator Thomas Magnum – in the 1980’s TV series “Magnum, P.I.” – now has an indelible association with “aloha shirts and Detroit Tigers caps,” explained the USA Today report.

“Indeed, he seems tickled to hear that across the way in Brooklyn, hipsters have lovingly appropriated Magnum’s iconic aviators-and-mustache look,” but Selleck told USA Today he doesn’t like to “trade off” on Magnum mania.

In turn, Selleck explains that “I tried to stretch as much as I thought I should. And I don’t think you should do something just to prove you can be different. But I think you should keep trying different parts that scare you.”

Image source of Tom Selleck from 2010. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Submitted by Pepper Poore (not verified) on
my Husband and I love the Jesse Stone movies....PLEASE do #9

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have all Eight movies in my Collection and I'm looking for word of more. Mr. Selleck if you read this please do more. The character has real heart. After every show I look on the internet for news on the next one. I hated to see this article saying "Benefit of the Doubt" maybe the last. There is still more for Jesse to do. Please do more. Many More.

Submitted by charlie (not verified) on
I completely agree with this sentiment. Whilst the great Robert B Palmer has passed on, so has Ian Fleming and yet Bond survives. Please do not give up on Jesse Mr Selleck

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For the sake of the art of acting in the medium of the big screen and TV, keep the Jesse Stone series going! The writing, filming/framing, character development, lighting and the use of haunting melodies keeps me coming back to the DVD/Blue Ray to re-view my Jesse Stone DVD's. Blue Bloods and Sherlock (PBS-Mystery from BBC/UK) along with Jesse Stone should be manditory for those in colleges and universities that want to be in the industry. Thanks for all of your efforts in the field of drama Mr. Selleck. V/R GI Jack, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.) P.S. Any hope for a big screen western anytime soon?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Actually, the author of this is wrong. Yes, there are 9 books in the Jesse Stone series, but Michael Brandman has taken over writing the novels. Plus, after the fourth movie, the scripts were originals and not connected with the Jesse Stone novels. That leaves the potential for a variety of Jesse Stone movies in the works.

Submitted by Enee (not verified) on
The way "The Benefit of the Doubt" ended with the return of "Suitcase", there definitely should be follow up.!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hi, Jessie movies better than Blue Blood series. Please continue, we look forward to these movies.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hi, Jessie movies better than Blue Blood series. Please continue, we look forward to these movies.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Please Tom you cannot leave us hanging ! I need to see more of gorgeous you and that beautiful dog, one look speaks volumesxxxx

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Mr. Selleck, I am not sure if you read these messages but if you do, I really love the Jesse Stone movies. It would be a shame if you did not continue on to some type of ending. Benefit of the Doubt left all of us hanging. Please do not end it there. Awesome work, I hope it continues.


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