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Gold Rush: Who is leading the race for the mother lode?

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Discovery has pushed the idea that someone hits the mother lode on Gold Rush this season; who will it be?

Gold mining is like fishing: Sometimes you feast, sometimes you go home empty-handed. Thus far, the Hoffmans and their crew have had a lot of empty-handed days to look back on during their short mining careers. And, this season has not produced much of anything to get excited about thus far. But, someone, Discovery has said all season, will hit the mother lode on Gold Rush this time around.

Could it be Team Hoffman?

It is hard to guess who might come out the “winners” this season. Anyone who broke even the last couple of years could claim to have “won.” But, hitting the “mother lode” implies a lot more than just breaking even, and no one has really gotten on the gold in a big way yet this season—certainly not Team Hoffman. But, could their luck be changing?

Finally on the Gold?

Last night, Dave Turin’s crew on Indian River finally had a good clean-out. Things were looking pretty grim, since they admittedly did not know what they were doing, with Freddie gone on business, and were afraid that they may have simply washed their gold out of the wash plant. But, the clean-out proved positive, with an impressive 30-ounce haul, worth almost $50,000, and double their best clean-out from all of last season.

So, does that mean that they are back—well, finally—on the gold, and in the running for the mother lode?

Fan Favorite Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel has been working, working, working, and if anyone deserves to get on the gold and hit the mother lode, it is Parker. If just pure work ethic was the criteria for hitting the mother lode, Parker would definitely be the one to hit. Fans are certainly cheering for him. He’s had some rough patches so far this season, but this week he had a 55.1-ounce clean-out, worth approximately $88,000. He’s back on track, able to build a road up to Smith Creek and, fans are no doubt hoping, ready to hit the mother lode.

And Don't Forget the Dakota Boys

Least on fans’ “I-hope-they-hit” list has to be Fred Hurt and his son Dustin. The Dakota boys have been nothing but nasty since they came on the Porcupine scene, and there is little reason to cheer them on in the hunt for the mother lode. But, fan popularity, like work ethic, is not the criteria for hitting the mother lode—gold in the dirt they are digging is the key. This week, they were running old tailings—“junk dirt,” as Dustin called it. It had more gold in it than he thought—7.1 ounces, worth more than $10,000. But, they have yet to get to the part of their claim where they believe the really good gold might be. So, although Fred and Dustin have not hit a big score thus far, there is no reason they should be eliminated as the big winners this season. In fact, there is no reason anyone should be eliminated.

In other words, everybody is all-in until the “big winner” in the race to the mother lode is revealed.

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Turbo Trommel a bust at Quartz Creek

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush


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One thing you can say for sure is that Tony Beets is always on the gold.

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