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Pied piper Todd Hoffman leading Gold Rush to ratings mother lode

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Lack of gold not a problem for fans choosing Discovery Channel's Gold Rush on Friday nights.

Gold Rush “leader” Todd Hoffman has the investors he needed. He has the equipment. He has the tracts. He has the workers.

Now, where is the gold?

Sitting down with executive producer Christo Doyle, the guys are asked, “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in the past two seasons?” Dave quickly jumps in, saying, “Don’t trust Todd.”

“That was really mean, Dave,” Todd says.

Of course, it was just a joke—calm down, Todd, calm down.

No Guts, No Glory, No Gold

But, perhaps Dave's comment has an underlying ring of truth to it. After all, it is Todd Hoffman who has led them on this seemingly never-ending wild goose chase, like some gold-obsessed pied piper, promising riches and glory as they make their way into the Klondike wilderness yet again. But, thus far, no gold, no riches, certainly no glory. No doubt the show’s fan base is becoming weary of the gold-poor journey week after week, regardless of Discovery’s insistence that this season someone does indeed “hit the mother lode ” (a term open to interpretation, by the way).

But, without fail, weary or otherwise, those fans keep watching, and more keep coming behind them.

Gold Rush Leading November Numbers

According to the latest numbers from Discovery, Gold Rush was the #1 series on Fridays in November, beating all other series and specials on both broadcast and cable television among male viewers Men 18-49 and Men 25-54. Gold Rush was also the #1 cable program on Fridays in November among total viewers P2+, Persons, Men and Women 25-54, Persons, Men and Women 18-49, and Persons, Men and Women 18-34 delivery. Additionally, season three of Gold Rush premiered on Oct. 26 and it hit a season high in total viewers P2+ on Nov. 23 with 4.69 million viewers.

So, actually believing that Todd Hoffman will lead his merry gang of gold miners to riches is not necessary, it seems, for viewers to tune in each Friday. In fact, perhaps the constant bungling and missteps by the Hoffman teams are a bigger draw than success.

And, the mother lode?

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Who hits the mother lode?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I found the episodes with Todd and his Dad hard to watch. He makes a critical error ripping out the old machinery before the new arrives. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 17 year old Parker was an inspiration though and a joy to watch as he skillfully managed his crew and stood up to his self entitled neighbors demands for a free temporary bridge. Seemed to me he was the only miner that had any real success.

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