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The Royal Pains Christmas wedding planned for Paige and Evan fell apart although the couple were married. Was it necessary to give fans two hours of messy plot lines just to get there?

USA's Royal Pains made its first appearance in between summer seasons as the much anticipated wedding episode aired last night.

Jam packed action:

In the first thirty minutes we learned that Hank is experiencing neurological effects of the season-ending explosion at Boris' home, Divya reconciled then blithely married Rafa in Vegas and Evan began to have guilty flashbacks of his selfish past.

We were introduced to cousin Owen who became an important plot tool for Evan to clear up his karma.

Within moments of that we were led to believe that Boris died in the explosion and HankMed was granted a reprieve from being thrown out of their plush digs.

It was all about the weather.

The most important story device was the weather and how it changed bachelorette party plans and ultimately the entire wedding day. Only nine people, including the bride and groom were in attendance at what was to be a lavish 250+ person affair. Blizzards happen in December.

It was very difficult and ultimately not successful for Royal Pains to cosmetize warm weather and sun when the episode was filmed with fake snow, particularly in scenes where one or more of the characters braved a blizzard without coats.

Writers also stuffed the two hours with medical stories.

There wasn't just one patient, there were four --- with Hank among them --- and somehow they needed MacGyver-like techniques to save them.

One particularly over-the-top maneuver was Christmas themed when Hank used Christmas lights and a candy cane decoration to save a life.

What was good about the episode?

Paige learned about the truth fudging that runs rampant in the Lawson family and accepted it with love.

All brotherly issues bubbling beneath the surface were dealt with head on, and Hank cleared his own karma slate with a long needed apology to the hometown girlfriend he dumped when he became a successful doctor.

Daddy Lawson was resourceful as usual and saved the day when neither a minister nor rabbi could make it due to the blizzard. It's my candidate for line of the night.

"Dearly beloved, in accordance with the template provided to me by we gather here to witness the marriage of Paige Adele Collins and Evan Ross Lawson."

Jill was teased as coming back for the nuptials but we had to settle for a few scenes from Africa where an emergency caused her to miss her flight to N.Y.

Ultimately Paige's speech at her wedding was the sweetest reminder of Royal Pains loving spirit when it isn't engaging in all the other nonsense.

The hanging plot lines:

Hank experienced either a stroke or a stroke-like episode after the wedding and we last saw him being wheeled into an operating room.

Only then are we given the true cliffhanger and not surprisingly it's about Boris. He's not only alive but cognizant of what is taking place at home, including Hank's dire medical condition.

And finally, Divya's it on or off?

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I thought it might be just me. Thanks for taking the time to read and share

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It seemed like one of the worst episodes. I thought it was a dream, i thought it showed things that did not need showing, i thought it was overly long and since i thought it was a dream i cannot believe that this story actually took place. I think Jill is still Hank's best romance and having her for this season's finale was really hard to take. I think that the photograghy was great, but the special effects were terrible. This was one of my least favorite episodes and i hope that the writers and producers (esp Mark) get a better storyline for next season if there is a next season as this season fell flat in so many areas. thank you JIM

that we all feel the two hours was not well spent. I had high hopes for it. I got one good thing out of watching: I found out that Necessary Roughness returns next month. More Nico!

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Come on writers. she is NOT a doctor. She is not saving lives as Divya implied to her on the phone! She is a hospital administrator! She orders supplies and what not. Africa could have done without her for 5 minutes! I want her back on the show. She and Hank belong together and the writers know it. Maybe that is why they would not let her come back. Because they know if they do the fans will see they still have chemistry?! And why would it take months for Hank to have problems from this explosion when Hank said the CT they did after it happened was clean? This show has gotten too much like Burn Notice. I quit.

Look, this has always been fiction and soap opera-ish and this was no exception. My beef was them cramming too much into the show. Jill was a tease, I agree with you there, particularly since the actress said there was no return for her.

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