Did the McNuggets generation really prompt KFC menu change?

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What’s behind KFC new boneless menu? Kentucky Fried Chicken execs say they’re responding to the chicken nuggets generation.

Consequently, KFC’s traditional menu, chicken legs, wings, thighs and breasts with bones are on their way out.

But why? Perhaps Colonel Sanders and the KFC concept needs revamping since it lacks fast food competitor Popeye’s’ urban, Louisiana flavor and appeal.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s cursory announcement that bones may be eliminated from its time honored menu should have Colonel Sanders rolling over in his secret recipe mix. Still, the menu switch up may be great news for KFC competitors like Church’s and Popeye’s.

All three chains have built their companies on its crispy chicken recipes and meals. Traditionally, meal boxes are boned pieces of white and dark meat.

KFC says its decision to go boneless is a response to a generation of consumers who grew up on chicken nuggets, but McDonald’s introduced the chicken McNugget almost 30 years ago.

Since then, a number of chains have picked up on the American trend for buffalo wings, most international Pizza chains serve boned wings. Zaxby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are favorite stops with younger generations. Chik-a-Filet serves boneless sandwiches and most fast food burger chains sell boneless pieces and sandwiches too.

KFC only introduced boneless strips and bites to its menu a year ago. KFC boneless premieres April 14 only in the U.S ; both white and dark meat portions are available. But the boneless menu may have more to do with portion, than bones.

Today’s younger generation and younger families are eating healthier. They’re eating smaller portions of healthy foods more, rather than large servings of foods with fats, cholesterol and other precursors to heart disease and diabetes.

To further the argument, New York City went as far crafting a ban on soda sales of bottles larger than 16 oz in its restaurants.

After an internet photo of a large pink slimey goo said to be the "meat" for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, McDonald's dropped the pink slime ingredient used to makes it boneless chicken and hamburger meat.

In 2011, a consumer launched a lawsuit against Taco Bell. The lawsuit claimed that fillers in its meat products decreased nutritional value.

For a number of reasons, whether or not KFC boneless menu is really targeted to the younger generation is a legitimate question pondered briefly on MSNMoney. But fast food presidents aren't typically as people concerned as they are profit driven.

Earlier this month, Popeye's US president lashed out against mandated health insurance legislation and offered that many of his full-time employees may reduce hours in order to avoid paying health insurance. It doesn't appear likely the fast food conglomerate will consider raising employee salaries.


It seems to me that the bones add flavor. Boneless chicken always seems pretty tasteless to me.

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