Major water damage due to leaking washing machine hose

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Washing machine hose

I attempted to perform an inspection in Southampton, N.Y. yesterday, but I could not not enter the basement. I started with the exterior and roof as usual, then walked the grounds to look for wells, sinkholes, etc,. I entered the basement as this is the first area inside the house that I inspect.

The basement had flooded and there was 6 inches of water on the floor! Water could be seen gushing from behind the washing machine! Apparently the hose burst, and the finished floors, walls, furniture and other possessions were soaking wet. Some were floating. What a disaster.

The house was unoccupied, and the neighbor was taking care of the house for the sellers, who were away.

When you move into a new house, if the washing machine is part of the sale, you should automatically go to the store and buy new washing machine water hoses. They sell braided hoses (see silver-colored hoses in left side of picture) that are better than the regular rubber hoses without the braiding. It is worth the money. In this case, cleanup costs may enter the thousands of dollars.

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