How Asking The Right Questions Is Better Than Being The Firsr To Break The Story in Real Estate Blogging

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Real Estate Blogging Questions

Asking the right questions and addressing them is important in any type of blogging, but moreover in Real Estate because that gauges people's interest. Why should the average person read your story?

Some journalists and bloggers think that breaking the story first is what gets you ahead. Others think that saying it louder is what makes you an authority and puts you ahead in the game. Yet, once I heard from one journalist that asking the right questions and addressing them in your blog or report is what gets your voice heard by more people.

Why is this even more important in Real Estate blogging?

We know that the average person doesn't go and search for Real Estate or mortgage related keyphrases unless he or she has a need. Unless people are in this industry, or thinking to buy a house or sell a house, they are not searching for real estate info. Instead, they search for food, entertainment, politics and comfort. Therefore, even if you are the first to break the story, search engines will quickly replace it with a story that has more social interest and gets more references and quotes from other publications.

On the other hand, if your story explains people how this real estate news is going to effect their lives, that already may interest them and compel them to share it on their Facebook or Twitter accounts with their friends. These friends possibly live in the same city and your addressing the right questions will interest them too. This is how the story may go viral.

Let's say the National Association of Realtors or the Mortgage Bankers Association release a statement for the media. Some websites just publish that press release, while others rewrite them to make it unique. Still the question remains: Why should the average person read this story? How is the information in the release going to change or influence his or her life?

When real estate bloggers think from this angle and ask the right questions, their blogs will become more interesting and gain more daily followers. This, in turn, translates into more business that comes from their online followers.


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