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Home Listing Photo Mistakes

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Home Listing photos

Want the listing of your home to stand above the crowd? Whether you're a Realtor, or a Homeowner, listing with bad pictures, or no pictures at all, can cause buyers from viewing a home.

Here Are Some Tips of What Not To Do:

•Dark photos where you can only see the outline of a room is not recommended.
•Dirty bathrooms is a complete turnoff.
•Kitchens with stuff everywhere should not be shown.
•Animal heads all over a room can be queesey to some.
•Abandoned cars on the front lawn should not be included.
•Photos with your pets should be eliminated. There can be allergies for some buyers.
•Including pictures of yourself with your family is not advised.
•Unmade beds is not what buyers want to focus on.
•Showing a messy basement with laundry, toys or plumbing is not wanted.
•Dishes in the sink are distracting and so are refrigerator magnets.

Photos on websites, multiple listing services and blogs have a large impact on whether or not a buyer will want to visit your house or move on to look at another one.

If you do a good job with your photos, it will set your listing apart from the competition, and help generate extra interest,

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Good photos are so important. Since buyers are most likely seeing a home online before they put it on their list to see in person, photos are often the deciding factor to getting on their list.

I set aside a couple of hours to photograph my listings. Much of the time is to stage and move things in and out of the pictures, turn all lights on, opening and closing blinds. It takes looking at the rooms from all angles to know the best.

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Animal heads all over? Does this happen often enough to be listed as number 4??

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