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Are Agents More Prepared To Defend Themselves Since Last Year's Murder?"

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Realtor self defense

The murder of the Arkansas Realtor last year shook up the country. Agents across the United States realized just how vulnerable they are when showing properties. Even with all the talk, have real estate agents become smarter and learned how to protect themselves?

In my area of Clarksville TN we real estate agents have talked a lot about safety. At sales meetings the managers and brokers are telling agents to be smart and don't take risks. Security measures are being put in place. We realize this is a risky business. We deal with people we do not know and have to meet and travel into places that we are unfamiliar with. How is an agent to stay in business and stay safe at the same time?

One of the ways is get some self defense training. Realtors everywhere are getting trained to be able to handle unwanted advances and to know how to handle suspicious situations. Some areas of the country are taking it more seriously than others. Our fellow Realtors in the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors are embracing it and getting the training.

Karen Trolan, member of the Silicon Valley Realtor Association says attackers look for unsuspecting, vulnerable targets. If you act like a victim, you could be one. We all need to be prepared, follow general safety tips like being aware of your surroundings, knowing some self-defense moves, and taking personal security precautions.

In Clarksville TN, Realtors have also had some special training classes. The first was a series of self defense classes and agents paid a small fee to attend. The next class was provided free by the Clarksville Association of Realtors and was a National Association of Realtors Course on Realtor Safety. This wasn't about special karate moves or defense tactics but more about being aware of our surroundings and being smart and prepared to look out for one another.

Letting your office know where you are at all times or taking an associate or two with you if you feel uneasy is a good practice to start. It was also stressed that it is okay to say no to a client and that you shouldn't meet them at a property. Make your policy that they come to your office first. Taking photos of drivers license and car license plates is a good practice with all clients you don't know. Someone is less likely to cause you harm if they know others are watching them and know who they are.

Being safe needs to be a Realtor's priority over and above making any sale or commission.

Debbie Reynolds is an experienced Realtor in Clarksville TN. When you need an agent that knows the market contact Debbie Reynolds with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty. 931-920-6730.

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Debbie: We can never be too prepared and need to be vigilant and wary whenever we are out with clients. We visited family in the Little Rock AR area last month and drove past where they found the agents body in Cabot several times during our stay (one of my daughters lives about 1.5 miles away).

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