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UPS To Hire 25K Drivers If They Pass Virtual Training

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A driving job at the United Parcel Service Inc. pays an average of $74,000, a year. Unfortunately, 30 percent of applicants fail the driving test, which has led the company to pursue other means of training. Gone are the booklets and lectures. Now students will be training with video games and virtual reality.

The new approach to driver training is vital for the company, which will need to replace nearly 25,000 jobs over the next five years to replace retiring baby boomers. Currently, UPS employs 99,000 drivers in the United States.

UPS Inc. is based in Atlanta, Ga., however, trainees will have to spend a week training at Integrad, a training facility 10 miles outside of Washington D.C. .The new tech-heavy method of training began in 2007. Thus far, only 10 percent of the 1,629 trainees have failed the training program.

Training for a spot in the UPS driver fleet involves playing video games that puts the trainee in the driver’s seat with plenty of obstacles. For instance, one game has the trainee complete five successful deliveries within 19 minutes. Another training favorite, called the “slip and fall” machine has trainees carry a 10-pound box over a greased down runway all while wearing shoes light on tread.

UPS drivers must also work on sales skills and are expected to generate leads. Appearance is key and students with wrinkly brown suits will lose points. Prospective drivers can visit the company’s website for more information.

The driving job at UPS offers job security as well as a decent paycheck. UPS will expand its virtual training to Chicago, where a new Intergrad in summer. This is a welcome change from the weekly jobless numbers report, which show job growth remains slow. However, there is hope that jobs will pick up, and if UPS is any indication, there are jobs to be had. One simply has to look in the right places.

Written by Lani Shadduck


Submitted by Richie Perez (not verified) on
Is this true ? How about in California are they going to be hiring out here?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Wrong! After working as a pilot at United for 14 years and making 84,000 with years of paying my dues!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
well i hope i been at ups Ontario Califorina for 7 years waiting for a driver job

Submitted by mushabe (not verified) on

Submitted by MikeUPS (not verified) on
I work for UPS Public Relations, and I just want to clarify that while we expect 25,000 drivers to retire over the next five years, we will replace them from the ranks of part-time sorters already working for the company. All the current UPS jobs available are posted at

Submitted by Daniel Gremillion' (not verified) on
I recently took initial road test for UPS and I was told I did not pass. The stanndard manuel shifter was not a normal standard, that threw me off. Another tcomehing was that every time would come to a stop I was told that I was required to set my emergency brake. That requirement was is very unusural and of course I did forget quite a few times.

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