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Is Zillow The New National MLS?

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I love reading Inman News as its headlines usually tell the story. But this one really put it all together as to where Zillow almighty was heading. How can they make themselves a platform needed by all home buyers, sellers renters and of course the current main payer Real Estate Agents. After all you really such be able to back up that $80 dollar a share tangible asset, right.

Minimal investment to be a Premier agent $1200 a month. This price has tripled since the RE agent program started in 2008. I know I signed up. But unlike the other agents I didn't fill out Zillow's feed back so they could build it into what it is today.

What I learn advertising on Zillow for seven years was this out of 20 contacts phone or email maybe 1 was a semi viable lead, most were looking lou's or just wanting information if counted in Zillow hits 1 in 400. And if I didn't respond in less than 2 minutes the buyer was calling another agent. M buyers?

Since our MLS has given our information to Zillow for free, Zillow might as well be the National MLS. Yet we as members are penalized if we don't follow the strict guidelines of the MLS. And it costs alot of $$$ to be a member! Zillow will be more $$$$$. Guess the MLS won't even get a kiss.

My favorite is the new app buyers can actually get combos and help themselves to viewing houses with a virtual agent. Yes, it exists!

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