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5 Must-Have Items Every Good Listing Agent Should Carry

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Real Estate Listing

The other day I was reminded why carrying around certain items that stay tucked away neatly in the back of my crossover is such a great idea. I thought I would take an inventory and see what five items back there I truly needed on a constant basis.

A steel mallet
Yes, I hammer my own signs in the ground and if you do to you know how handy the mighty mallet truly is. Plus, if the office printer isn't working properly, you can always use the mallet to threaten said infuriating electronic device.

A four-pack of 60 watt light bulbs
Had to use 'em just yesterday on a vacant house. It is shocking how many home-sellers forget this small but critical detail.

Riders. Sold. Under Contract
Because you never know when you'll be getting that next contract and you want to make sure the competition knows right away that YOU just sold the house down the street - Boom!

A small broom and dust pan
Don't wait for someone else to pick up those dead bugs in a vacant house. Get it done right then and there! You never know when that next showing will turn into a serious buyer.

Cleaning wipes
I have many sellers tell me the house is clean when they leave. But is it really clean? Often times, no. Be ready to reenact that scene from American Beauty. You know the one. Annette Bening strips to her under garments just before an open house and scrubs her listing down, all the while chanting, "I will sell this house", over and over. Sans the crying hysterically of course.

I know there are probably about a thousand other items for a real estate professional to carry with them, but I think these are a great start. Happy selling fellow Realtors.

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Submitted by Rebeca G. Borges (not verified) on
air freshener because It's the first thing you notice if the scent is unpleasant.

Submitted by Lou Ann Newell (not verified) on
Other items to carry..air freshener, vanilla extract that you can put on a cool light bulb and then turn on. Makes the house smell nice. Toilet paper and paper towels, windex. WD-40 for those stubborn lockboxes!! And squeaky hinges plus it will get a lot of stubborn stains off! Great tips!! Love the light bulb suggestion and hitting stubborn electronics with hammer!!

Submitted by Charlene Walker (not verified) on
W-D-40 for those sticky key holes....I have used mine many times.

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