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Should Realtors Preview Homes Before Showing Buyers?

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Real estate agent

Talking with a co-worker in my office yesterday , I was stunned when she told me she previews every home before showing her buyers. "Why?" I asked. She said she feels it is her job to find them them the perfect home that meets their criteria.

It started an uncomfortable situation when I said I couldn't imagine doing that because of the responsibility that entails I explained that from my experience, buyers seldom buy what it is they say the want. They start off so sure they want a brick ranch in an established neighborhood, and in the end fall in love with a two story home in a new build development.

So if I limited home buyers to just what they say they want, would we ever have know for sure?

Now, don't get me wrong. I listen very well to what my buyers say they want. I stick with the big requirements like square footage, location and price range, but then I do something a little different. I start them off explaining I will start my search broader and narrow it by asking y buyers to respond to what they are seeing. Did they mark a craftsman style home repeatedly when the say they want a brick ranch? If so, that tells me my buyers are open to options they may not have know they have. Together we then decide what is worth viewing.

I am not a personal shopper. I am a highly skilled real estate agent that is hired to guide you with my local expertise in our market. Limiting the pool to only what the buyer says they wanted doesn't always give them the opportunity to see the options our market holds. In the end, the better you get to know your buyer, the better chance you will find them the home of their dreams.

Melissa Zimmerman
Real Estate Agent / Huntersville, NC
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Submitted by Rose Lang (not verified) on
I agree. If you build a relationship with your buyers you will have a better chance of understanding what they want. I had a buyer who wanted at least 3 bedrooms with basement and garage, they end up buying a 2 bedroom house and no garage. In special circumstances you may have to preview a house for your clients.

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