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Buzz Worthy Real Estate Articles

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Buzz Worthy Real Estate Articles

Do you enjoy reading exceptional real estate content? Take a look at each of these featured articles from top experts around the country!

Best Real Estate Articles April 2016

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage

Are you a senior looking to generate monthly income without having a job? If you are 62 years of age or older and have significant equity in your home you may be interested in what is known as a reverse mortgage. Unlike a traditional mortgage where you make payments to a lender each month, a reverse mortgage works in the exact opposite fashion. With a reverse mortgage the lender pays you out of your equity each month to remain in the property. This is great from the standpoint that a senior can remain in their home while also generating an income stream.

There are however pros and cons of a reverse mortgage that anyone looking to use this kind of financial product should understand. In the article you will see a detailed explanation of both the advantages and disadvantages. It is important for anyone considering this type of loan to know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Open Houses In Real Estate

One of the longest standing forms of marketing in real estate is the public open house. Every weekend numerous real estate agents participate in these events in the hopes of landing additional clients to work with. Sellers however are often misled by agents about the usefulness of open houses. In fact many agents are so bold as to say they are necessary to sell a home. Folks this is hogwash!

In the digital age open houses are not necessary to sell a home and in fact could put the seller in danger of having possessions in their home stolen. What many people seem to forget is when you have an open house you are inviting any stranger with a pulse into your home. Why do people do this? Frankly many sellers are conned into open houses by an exuberant agent who tries to convince them it is a vital part of marketing a home.

Without a doubt this is not the case! Real buyers will schedule a viewing with a real estate agent if they are serious about buying a home.If open houses were outlawed across the country home sales would not be affected in the least. Some real estate agents will want to hold an open house for one simple reason - the opportunity to land potential buyers or sellers. There is nothing wrong with this - just know that open houses are not needed to sell your home.

Making The Most Out of a Home Inspection

A Home inspection is one of the most important parts of a home purchase. Anyone purchasing a home wants to know they are making a smart decisions and not locking themselves into owning a money pit. Sellers on the other hand need to realize that a home inspection is the biggest stumbling block to a successful home sale. Teresa Cowart discusses some of this in her latest article about home inspection problems that both buyers and sellers should be aware of. This is timely advice for anyone buying or selling a home. For sellers inspection preparation is key. For buyers having an understanding of the most common problems is important. Education is key for both parties coming away being happy.

The Best of Google Plus Real Estate

One of the great things about participating in the Google Plus social network is the great content you can find. There are some outstanding real estate communities within Google+ that are just fabulous. Some of the best real estate experts from around the country regularly share their best content.

Each month there is a real estate round up that highlights some of the best of the best articles from a given month. Want to see what I mean? Take a look at the best Google Plus Real Estate Articles for April 2016. In this compilation you will see an additional eight top shelf articles that are worth reading.

If you liked this Google Plus round-up look for more each month as this is a regular compilation that is put together. Hopefully you enjoy these four buzz worthy real estate articles!

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I had some confusion about reverse mortgage. But now I am clear about it.It is really important for the people who hav taken mortgage loan should know about this.

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