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Why a Tenant Coordinator is a Landlord's best friend

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Tenant coordinator

A tenant coordinator is quickly becoming a landlord’s best friend. A tenant coordinator is in charge of handling the process and communication between landlord, tenant and construction management during the construction phase of a commercial space. A landlord is likely juggling a multitude of tasks and projects to handle on a daily basis. Managing spaces and their respective projects is hard work, especially when you have numerous properties and spaces.

Should Real Estate Agents Be Worried About Zillow and Other 3rd Party Websites?

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Third party real estate websites, like Zillow, are a highly debated topic in the real estate industry. There are real estate professionals within the business who are very concerned about third party websites, some professionals who are mildly concerned, and others who are not concerned whatsoever.

Fickle FICO: How CFPB Calculates Your Credit Score Now

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FICO Credit Score

Do you keep track of your credit score? Whenever a person decides to purchase a home or investment property, their first move should be to check their credit. I noticed a change in mine recently. Haven’t bought or charged anything, pay on time and haven’t opened new accounts. Still, I decided to check my credit score since it has been a year since I investigated this fancy way of keeping score. Guess what?


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