Editorial Review Process

HULIQ editors strictly follow the guidelines listed below in order to serve the highest quality news to our readers.

HULIQ reporters cover news that fall under the following quality standards:

- Current or recent happenings around the world
- Medical and scientific breakthroughs
- Well researched, timely news stories
- Eyewitness accounts
- Coverage of local and international issues
- Media analysis
- Investigative reports exposing injustice
- Stories on events affecting the poor, the richh, the oppressed and underrepresented groups
- Stories on people or projects working towards social and economic justice
- News Stories about school, college, university, community, church, science, technology, business
- Stories that in our judgment make our world more livable and better.

HULIQ.com, in its editorial review process, is guided by three basic principles:

* Development efforts of news information must encompass diversity.

* News stories must be original, quality focused and adhere to strict editorial policies.

* The quality improvement process must be open to public scrutiny to ensure that the terminology is truly useful within broad applications.

HULIQ.com editors closely work with reporters for clarifications and revisions.

The policy of HULIQ.com is to ask for an explanation from the reporter if a breach has happened. If there was a breach of policy and the writer makes an admission, corrective measures are taken. The specifics of policies at HULIQ are private to the business. In no event will an outside third party be entitled to get between the relationship between our business and a reporter, unless required by law.

Code of Ethics

HULIQ.com cooperates with professors and researchers in the field of Ethics and Bioethics to advise the publication when an ethical issue is revealed and to help to find the Moral Agent in a particular submission.

HULIQ.com welcomes qualified ethicists and accepts applications for being part of HULIQ's ethics' team.

If you have any questions about this statement you can write to HULIQ at

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4128 2nd St. NW
Hickory, NC 28601
Email: info (at) huliq (dot) com