Home Buying

Do your home buyers plan ahead for their renovations?

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Home Renovation

Buyers are usually excited and anxious to get into their new house. At the same time, they often want to "fix things up" to make the house into their home. Sometimes, this is just a matter of cleaning and painting. Often, they want to sand and refinish the floors (or even replace them...or add hardwood to sections). Sometimes, they need to replace the dirty and smelly carpets. Other times, they have grandiose plans to remodel the whole kitchen. It's important for buyers to plan ahead on these projects.

Why you want a meticulous home inspector for your home purchase

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Home Inspection

Performing an inspection of a property that has been modified from original plans can have all sorts of issues from wiring, to roofing, to structural, to improper additions, to the weird end of the scale such as marijuana grow rooms, major threats to safety and health, and underground bomb shelters.

The Real Estate Market of Belize - Why is it So Hot and Happening?

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Belize City

It’s true that Belize has attracted a lot of foreign investment in recent years, especially from the U.S., Canada and Europe. The country is undergoing major progressive changes, in terms of infrastructure, facilities, etc. However, the ground realities are still to change; the high crime rate, and poor amenities for the locals is still a major challenge to overcome in most parts of this nature hugging country.

The Road to Buying a Home in Clarksville TN

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Road to buying a Clarksville TN home

Many first time buyers do not know the steps to take to get started in finding a new home. Even those home owners that have been in their homes for several years can’t remember what to do. The good news is that with the right agent by your side the home buying process is an enjoyable experience and cankeep you together if you are a couple. It can even be fun and an adventure you will fondly remember.


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