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Number 1 City for First Time Home Buyers - Clarksville TN

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Clarksville makes buying a home easy for buyers.

Buying a home is many people's American Dream and in Clarksville TN it is easier than you might think. Because so many of the first time home buyers in Clarksville are eligible for a VA loan. they can get into a home with little or no money down. Credit.com has rated Clarksville TN as top on the list of the ten best markets for first time home buyers.

The Sandwich Generation or Living Under One Roof

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Generation of Home Buyers

This segment of home buyers, called a "sandwich generation" may be at the prime of their careers, and now have children and senior parents to care for, and all living under one roof. The households are made up of several generations. We are working with more and more buyers that are looking for these multi-generational living arrangements.

Home Inspections Are for Every Home Buyer

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Every home buyer should get a home inspection.

A home buyer should get a home inspection every time they contract to buy a home. It is not just for older homes but new homes as well. Even the best home builders around can miss some items and these will show up on a home inspection report. Home inspections on older homes can keep a buyer from making a big mistake of purchasing a real money pit and the wrong home for them.


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