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Warner Robins GA Real Estate Report - October 2017 Edition

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Lack of inventory has finally caught up with the Warner Robins GA real estate market. Home sales this past month (82) dropped to their lowest total since January. If new properties do not make their way on the market soon, buyers and investors will move on to other areas. Fortunately, because there is only 3 months of home inventory to pick from, now is a great time for homeowners to put their home on the market in this city.

The top 3 chef's knives that will reduce accidents at home and 2 DIY tips on how to keep them sharp

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Kitchen Knife

We all have kitchen knives that cause us grieve when we food prepping, because they are not sharp. But, it turns out that grief is the least of our worries, because blunt knives are actually dangerous, as it requires more pressure and is more likely to slip and cause an injury. Here are the top 3 chefs’ knives that will reduce accidents at home and 2 DIY tips on how to keep them sharp.

Beautiful Retirement Communities Just Outside New York City

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For many New Yorkers, retiring in the South and Florida is a good way to avoid the cold weather, and to lower living costs. However, many New Yorkers are not used to the weather and pace of live in the South, even during retirement. For those who want to retire in the Northeast, but do not want to spend city living prices, there are many retirement communities in the surrounding areas that are the best of both worlds.

Spring 2016: Buying a House - The Struggle is Real!

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Frustrating Home Buying Season

If you have been searching for a home in the Twin Cities lately, you know how tough the struggle is. In some cases you literally have just hours to get your offer in once a half decent or better quality home hits the market. You should also be ready to over bid on any home that is in mint condition because a full price offer will not get you the home.


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