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The Real Estate Market of Belize - Why is it So Hot and Happening?

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Belize City

It’s true that Belize has attracted a lot of foreign investment in recent years, especially from the U.S., Canada and Europe. The country is undergoing major progressive changes, in terms of infrastructure, facilities, etc. However, the ground realities are still to change; the high crime rate, and poor amenities for the locals is still a major challenge to overcome in most parts of this nature hugging country.

The Road to Buying a Home in Clarksville TN

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Road to buying a Clarksville TN home

Many first time buyers do not know the steps to take to get started in finding a new home. Even those home owners that have been in their homes for several years can’t remember what to do. The good news is that with the right agent by your side the home buying process is an enjoyable experience and cankeep you together if you are a couple. It can even be fun and an adventure you will fondly remember.

It’s a New Home, Do I Still Need a Home Inspection?

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Home inspection in new homes

I love new homes and seeing all the latest trends, colors and gadgets that builders are using to make buyers eyes light up. But all the fine new products and styling cannot override the need for a home inspection on a new home no matter how excited and in love the buyer is with the home. There are many new homes available for sale in Clarksville TN so buyers need to know that buying new homes doesn’t mean they are perfect homes.

Why San Antonio, Texas is a great place to live

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San Antonio, TX

As a retired military veteran, I love San Antonio, and everything it has to offer those who decide to make it their new residence, either temporarily or permanently. San Antonio is known for our famous River Walk, and the historical Alamo Mission. Plus, it’s also the home of your Five Time NBA Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.


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