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That's why my home didn't sell?

Why homes don't sell

Many homeowners often have no idea why their home isn’t selling and then when their listing eventually expires they ask themselves; why didn’t my home sell? What was I missing? For the experienced, trusted Real Estate professional it’s easy to know why a home doesn’t sell, yet unfortunately when a homeowner chooses the wrong Real Estate Agent to sell their home, they only learn through trial and error.

Real Estate Investing is Nice Work if You Can Get It

Investing in Real Estate

Earlier this summer, CNBC’s Real Estate program, Power House, announced a “severe inventory shortage” in Boston. Charlesgate Realty Group’s P. T. Vineburgh said “overall the market is hyper-competitive, highlighted by a severe shortage of inventory.” He added that "low rates, international investment capital, strong core businesses as well as complex zoning is inhibiting any notable amount of new supply-driven market performance.

Do You Have to Be an Entrepreneur to Be a Real Estate Investor?

Investing in Real Estate

This year we are seeing nationwide indicators that real estate markets are improving, although some areas are faster than others. When the market collapsed in 2008, the damage affected individual home owners, real estate and mortgage brokers and of course, investors. For awhile it looked like the last thing anything wanted to do was invest in real estate.