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How To Work With Expired Listings

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What Every Realtor Needs To Know About Working with Expired Listings

The Secret of Why Homeowners Are So Hesitant To Sell Despite Low Inventories

Who Else Lists a Property With Higher Commission to Attract All Area Agents?

How do you protect real estate business when new Apps threaten you

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These 5 Apps Really Threatent or Help Real Estate Business. How can your business model survive in 5 years? Have you seen or heard of them? What do you think of them? How can your business survive after 5 years?
How do you protect real estate business model when more and more new apps come forward that eliminate the broker from the business? This is a very serious threat. What can we do about this?

How To Get Low Cost Traffic To Your Real Estate Site

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Here are some useful and practical tips on how can #Realtors use Social Media to advance the number one marketing challenge in Real Estate Industry. How do you get low cost traffic to your site?

Realtors, What Do You Do Once Visitors Land On Your Website?

Google Changes for Realtors for 2016 You Can't Ignore

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Hi everyone. I don't know what your strategy is, but you can't ignore these behavioral changes in 2016 if you want to get business from Google.

While I am sending you this, let me include a story about some general mistakes homeowners make when selling their homes. This is something you may want to share with your potential sellers.
Top 5 Mistakes Many Homeowners Make When Selling Their Homes

Spending $5 May Help You Dominate Facebook Marketing

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Is it worth giving $5 to ‪#‎Facebook‬ for ‪#‎Marketing‬? Today I read about a research that once in a while it may be completely worth giving Facebook $5 for marketing. If the status is right it can go a long way. Have you every bosted your listing on Facebook? How has it worked for you? Here is my story on the subject, which is based on a little research a Canadian marketing blogger did. It also discussed which option to choose when targeting an audience.

Google Says Check This Little Thing In Your Website To Increase Your Listing's Visibility

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Google‬ has said something important about robots.txt files which most websites and your's too, likely has. There is a right and wrong way to generate it. You can learn it here, and if it sounds too technical you can share it with your web developer. ‪ If done wrong and fixed, could potentially get you more leads for your listings.

Bing Can Bring Substantial Business Leads to Your Listings, Here is How

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When real estate agents say business from search engines we mostly think of #Google. But do you know that now #Bing has 20 percent market share from all searches done in the United States? This is huge business potential for your listings and this story is about Bing and Real Estate SEO.

Big Announcement from Facebook with Huge Real Estate SEO Implication

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Big announcement from ‪#‎Facebook‬ about Search, which can have huge implication for ‪#‎Realtors‬ in regard to SEO. Here is what it is and what you can do to benefit from this New SEO. This is certinaly a good news for Real Estate agents.

What Existing Home Sales in September Show Us About Housing Market Recovery

Google Makes Finding Duplicate Content Difficult, What Can You Do

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Pretend a real estate agent goes to a search engine consultant and says "I have a great Google Plus local listing and good onsite SEO, but my property listings still are not ranking." How can one be helped in this situation?

8 Reasons Your Real Estate Blog Isn't Making Your Phone Ring


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