HULIQ Reporters

These are our reporters at, who bring daily news for our readers.

1. Paula Duffy - Paula Duffy freelances and covers mostly sports stories as well as other breaking news and information. Some of the sports topics center on athletes as they collide with the legal system since she practices law as well.

2. Anissa Ford - Anissa Ford is a nonfiction ghostwriter. She has ten years professional writing experience and a master's in English literature. Anissa's degree is from Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

3. Stacey Doyle - Stacey Doyle is a published author with a background in law, politics, banking, real estate and retail. In college, she was the president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Stacey enjoys interviewing high profile celebrities and business personalities as well as reviewing cutting edge products and books. She is the editor of Baby Boomer Media, a site dedicated to the boomer generation. Stacey's most recent book is compilation of her poetry and photographs of Long Island, New York entitled, "Mastication on the Beach." Contact Stacey at

4. Mechele R. Dillard - Mechele has studied biochemistry at the University of Georgia (1988-1993) and English at Kennesaw State University (2005-2007). Today, she is a freelance writer living in Georgia, and especially enjoys covering politics, health and the occasional NASCAR story. Mechele is also a fan and critic of young adult literature, and, when not writing, more often than not she is completely lost in yet another YA novel. She can be contacted at

5. Norman Byrd - Norman Byrd is an award-winning freelance writer who has been writing professionally for three decades, mostly under pseudonyms. An avid scholar, Norman has five degrees, including Baccalaureates in History and English and a Masters in Psychology. He is an avid reader (everything), music lover (heavy metal, jazz, blues, Celtic, and country), forensics case follower (of television's true crime and fictitious mystery series), and sports fan (especially the Dallas Cowboys, WVU Mountaineers, Boston Celtics, and Boston Red Sox) which are the areas wherein he devotes his time when not writing. He currently lives in South Carolina.

6. James Cooper has been cooking and eating fine food for over 30 years and grows most of his vegetables in the summer in his Connecticut garden. He has been writing about food for several years and his first cookbook, "Cooking for Graduate Students" is still available on He has a PhD in chemistry and is always interested in how cooking actually works. James also has published 15 technical books, and is at work on an eBook on Nantucket restaurants.