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FHA Reduces its Mortgage Insurance Premium

FHA Home Loan Payment Reduction

FHA home loans have been very popular among first time home buyers since the collapse of the mortgage industry. The reason why the loan is popular is because FHA loans are accompanied by low mortgage rates and some of the least stringent underwriting guidelines. However, the biggest drawback to FHA loans over the past few years has been the high cost of mortgage insurance.

Fickle FICO: How CFPB Calculates Your Credit Score Now

FICO Credit Score

Do you keep track of your credit score? Whenever a person decides to purchase a home or investment property, their first move should be to check their credit. I noticed a change in mine recently. Haven’t bought or charged anything, pay on time and haven’t opened new accounts. Still, I decided to check my credit score since it has been a year since I investigated this fancy way of keeping score. Guess what?


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