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Is Zillow The New National MLS?

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I love reading Inman News as its headlines usually tell the story. But this one really put it all together as to where Zillow almighty was heading. How can they make themselves a platform needed by all home buyers, sellers renters and of course the current main payer Real Estate Agents. After all you really such be able to back up that $80 dollar a share tangible asset, right.

How The Rise in Mortgage Rates Impact Average Buyer's Ability to Qualify for a Loan

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Impact of Today's Mortgage Rates on Buyers

While the current mortgage rates are still under 4%, yesterday the average 30-year mortgage rates rose to 3.82 percent. I asked my friend Park McCants from Eugine, OR, a retired Realtor and developer with 30 years experience, what the slight rise in rates means for the average American home buyers and the real estate industry in general. Here is McCants in his own words.

Five Reasons To Work With a Realtor and You Can't Ignore The Fourth

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Real Estate Transaction Contract

Many home buyers and sellers are wary of working with a real estate agent to buy or sell a property. However it is important to note that a transaction of sale involves many details and requires the participation of several specialists (Realtors, mortgage loan providers, home inspectors) from various areas, especially if the buyer is a foreigner or if the purchase is made through a mortgage financing.


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