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How Can Realtors Combat Client Emotion and Irrational Decisions

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Real Estate Clients

Have you ever had a client make an irrational decision based on emotion that leaves you shaking your head in wonder? How do you talk someone down when they are acting out of fear, anger or frustration? I have been dealt with this situation 3 days this week, which made me wonder, am I a Realtor or a counselor? The answer is both.

Six Inexpensive Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Winter can be very harmful and even outright destructive to a home. There are some inexpensive maintenance items that you can do to properly prepare for the inclement weather to come. Usually, you can prepare your property for the upcoming winter in just one afternoon. The following home maintenance tips will help you save money by lowering your utility bills and assist in protecting your biggest investment, your home.

Does Student Debt Affect the Probability of Homeownership?

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Student loand and owning a house

Reports of low homeownership among recent graduates has prompted many to blame student loan debt, considering Americans owe a collective $1.2 trillion in student loans. The common belief is that student debt prevents recent graduates from saving a down payment and the repayment of costly student loans causes them to miss payments and ruin their credit scores, making them unsuitable candidates for mortgages.


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