What You Need To Know About Mortgages and Mortgage Rates

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Making Sure You Rate in the Mortgage Market

It took months of searching online, dozens of phone calls, and umpteen house tours, but you’ve finally found a place you’d love to call home. It has a fabulous kitchen and circular floor plan for entertaining, enough bedrooms for the kids you have, and even one for the kid you might want to have later. All in all, that was pretty fun, wasn’t it?

What Should a Realtor Do When a Buyer's Mortgage Is Approved from an Online Source

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Benefits of local vs online mortgage lenders

More and more home buyers these days have their mortgages approved from online sources. Let's say you are a real estate agent and your buyer comes to you saying his or her mortgage is approved from an online sources. What do you tell them as a Realtor? Do you suggest they get approved again locally?


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