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Valentine's Day musts include love letters and candy

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Some of the most romantic places in this university town are “chocolate joints,” and places where college students write love letters; while, at the same time, there’s a view that “it’s not cool" to try and get away with just an e-mail message over a real Valentine’s Day card or a box of candy, thus causing some confusion in this digital age for many "wired youth," say experts.

Egyptian freedom fighters evoke American Sixties protests

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EUGENE, Ore. – Now that the freedom fighters in Egypt have spoken, and Hosni Mubarak is now the “former president” after 18 days of protests where Egyptians demanded real freedom; in turn, civil rights activists such as Angela Davis, during a recent lecture in Eugene, said it’s interesting to note peace movements happening in the world today that parallel American free speech protests from 50 years ago when Students for a Democratic Society exclaimed: “Don’t dream it’s over, we can and will have freedom of speech.”

Valentine's Day means rekindling love's fire, say experts

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CENTRAL OREGON COAST -- Vince and Deb Parker of nearby Eugene say they “prescribe” walks on the beach and a lot of kissing for themselves in the same way Vince prescribed pills for patients when he was a doctor. Now retired, the couple feel they want more independence, solitude and personal freedom in what they dubbed as “a stressed out world where love seems to take a back seat.”


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