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Valentine's Day means rekindling love's fire, say experts

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CENTRAL OREGON COAST -- Vince and Deb Parker of nearby Eugene say they “prescribe” walks on the beach and a lot of kissing for themselves in the same way Vince prescribed pills for patients when he was a doctor. Now retired, the couple feel they want more independence, solitude and personal freedom in what they dubbed as “a stressed out world where love seems to take a back seat.”

UFO and alien subjects veiled in Naked Lunch, as book turns 50

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. –“You’re not quite human are you,” questioned William S. Burroughs after one of his alien encounters that’s detailed in the special 50th anniversary edition of his landmark book “Naked Lunch” that includes additions by the author about UFOs and aliens; while, also stating that there’s a “lack of interest and fear of finding the truth,” as to why UFOs have not become the story of the century, as it should be.


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