Side Dishes

Quinoa: the gold of the Incas and how it can help you

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According to Wikipedia, quinoa was considered sacred by the Incas, who called the crop chisaya mama or "mother of all grains". The Inca emperor would sow the first seeds of the season using gold tools, Scorned by the Spanish conquistadors as "food for Indians", the Spanish forbid its cultivation due to its importance in indigenous religious ceremonies. But this superfood is making a comeback.

Irish Coffee goes south of the border with Tequila Espresso and Tequila Coffee Liqueur

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What do you get when you cross coffee with tequila? Better yet, what do you get when you drop a shot of Tequila Espresso or a Tequila Liqueur with a bit of Irish whiskey -- the whiskey being optional -- into your coffee? Is it still Irish coffee? Is it Mexican Irish Coffee? Or is it Tequila Coffee?

Coffee as a personality analyst: What lattes and cappuccinos tell others about you

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How a person likes their coffee can tell an individual a lot about that person. Want a quick analysis of that cute guy with the earring who just ordered a Mocha? How about that girl in the minidress who just picked up a Latte? Or that guy carrying the skateboard that grabbed an Espresso and bolted? There's a chart that can help pin down their personalities.


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