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Why a Tenant Coordinator is a Landlord's best friend

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Tenant coordinator

A tenant coordinator is quickly becoming a landlord’s best friend. A tenant coordinator is in charge of handling the process and communication between landlord, tenant and construction management during the construction phase of a commercial space. A landlord is likely juggling a multitude of tasks and projects to handle on a daily basis. Managing spaces and their respective projects is hard work, especially when you have numerous properties and spaces.

A tenant coordinator can alleviate some of the stress by communicating with the tenant and handling the entire leasing-to-construction-to-opening process. By successfully performing their role, a tenant coordinator helps drive revenue for a landlord.

Role of The Tenant Coordinator

Tenant coordinators not only deal directly with tenants; but also architects, consultants and contractors for new construction properties as well as existing properties during the re-tenanting phase. They can determine the tenant's needs and help match them to a suitable space. The tenant coordinator position is an extremely critical position because they handle all of the relationships and touch points, and they help ensure projects stay on schedule. They are the information funnel for all things related to a new or existing commercial real estate space.

Skills and Traits

The tenant coordinator is expected to work directly with the tenant, therefore, should be friendly and courteous. Tenant coordinator’s also need to be organized and responsible. Attention to detail is important because tenant coordinator’s need to keep detailed logs and records of contact and communication with your tenants. Ideally, a tenant coordinator will have experience in customer service or working with the public. Most tenant coordinator’s are wizards with all aspects of the leasing process and know where all necessary documents are located. Tenant coordinator’s need to possess the ability to work independently with limited supervision. This means the ideal tenant coordinator needs to be someone that is trustworthy and has a good work ethic.

Modern Day Tenant Coordinators

Tenant coordinators are evolving as technology evolves. Tenant coordinator’s that use SaaS tools, like Tenant Tracker, are able to work seamlessly from laptop to tablet to smartphone, anywhere they need to be. This has provided flexibility and enables tenant coordinator’s to not be anchored to their desk all day, and allows them to mix in more on-site meetings with key personnel.

As they become tasked with more and more duties, it’s critical they are able to utilize cutting edge tools and systems to help them be more efficient and perform their job with the highest quality. By being more efficient, tenant coordinator’s are helping companies reduce costs, drive revenue and ultimately, becoming a landlord’s best friend.

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