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10 Best Tech Tools That Every Real Estate Agent Must-Have

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Top Technology Tools For Real Estate Agents

Using Technology as a Real Estate Agent

Do the buyers expect the use of technology from the real estate agents? The simple answer is yes!

The whirlwind of technology in real estate has left Realtor’s heads spinning. The promising technologies are saving time and providing more leads to real estate agents. Technologies are helping sellers and buyers to streamline their process with the help of tech tools supplied by real estate agents.

The tech tools automate the contact flows in order to provide a smooth and easy process to the real estate agents. The allure of shiny and bright objects to display the property will help Realtors to close a deal sooner.

All in all, we can say that the tech tools work as a boon for the real estate agents. There are innumerable tools available, and this leads to confusion for which one to choose.

Are you struggling to decide your tech toolbox? Make these ones as priority!

Top Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When you start with a real estate agency, you might be having a goal of managing 200-300 customers. But is it easy to collect this data manually?

CRM is the most used and essential technology that every real estate agency needs. The CRM tool will let you track every single activity going around your real estate business. Right starting from keeping track of every prospect to all the closures, everything will be covered by CRM.

We would recommend here to use a CRM tool that does something more than just taking the follow up from the prospects. Choose the one which comes with add-ons like email campaigns, integrated social media accounts, website templates, and more.

Territory Management

Being a real estate agent, some activities are to be done daily. One of such activities is prospecting for the new business. Territory management will help you to achieve this goal by splitting your listing territory. There are various tools available that will help you with the territory management of your real estate network.

However, with the help of the territory management application, you can pinpoint the areas on the map and write a note on the activities you did there. These apps let you assign the areas to the other members, and later you can check their activities. Some of the best territory management apps are Spotio, Slack, CamCard, and so forth.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is one of the emerging tools in the real estate industry. Showcasing properties with the help of virtual reality is an ideal choice of closing a deal sooner. Considering this, virtual staging and virtual tours are helping the real estate agents to showcase the properties with all needed elements.

To the fact, the VR technology is growing in such a way that buyers can even visualize an unfurnished or unbuilt property. VR technology saves enormous time and money for buyers as well as Realtors as it gives a better idea to the buyers on the properties to be visited in person. To enhance your buyer’s experience with VR, you just need to hire a real estate app development company, and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Digital Floor Plans

So, how does the floor plan make a difference? Visualizing home plans just with pictures is quite difficult for the buyers. But with digital floor planning tools, buyers can get a complete idea about their home and how they could plan every room. These days, buyers are expecting the digital floor plans from the real estate agencies.

Digital floor plan applications like RoomScan Pro are ruling in the real estate industry. Just hold your phone against the wall to see a complete view of the digital floor plan. Here you can build your own application for the digital floor plan or just use the ones which are available on the Play Store & App Store.

Animoto - Real Estate and Marketing Videos

Every business requires video-making skills to enhance user engagement. Real estate is one such sector that gets innumerable benefits with video marketing. The main reason for it is people from any corner of the world could view and get a virtual walk through the property. Ultimately, you will get more prospects for the property.

Animoto is one such tech tool for the real estate industry to create eye-catching promotional videos. With its drag and drop interface, anyone can get started with making videos. The tool has inbuilt storyboards that you can use for your videos. Also, you can add photos, slides, music, graphics, testimonials, and so forth to your video.

Altogether, you do not need to master video making as Animoto will do it for you!

Mailchimp - Send Newsletters and Create Ad

If you’re worried about the marketing of your real estate agency, then this tool will help you the best. In fact, Mailchimp is the favorite tool of a digital marketer. It is known as the best platform for creating an interactive newsletter. The tool comes with easy interact and drag & drop elements features as well.

With Mailchimp, you can create your own newsletter or use the templates provided by them. Besides all, the tool allows you to make a list of all details and feeds on the contacts. It will track the important metrics like click rate, open rate, bounce rate, and more for the emails sent. Whether it’s about getting in touch with tenants, suppliers, or any other stakeholders, Mailchimp is there for you.

Augmented Reality (AR)

When it comes to visualizing, most of the real estate agents suffer as it is quite difficult for the buyers to imagine a building on empty land. And that’s where Augmented Reality comes into the picture.

AR tools and apps, in particular, will help the buyers to get an exact idea of how their home or office will look like when developed. With just a single click, buyers can have a look at the AR model from every angle they wish too. In short, with Augmented Reality, the buyers can interact with the property from anywhere and anytime by experiencing an “Almost-Present” feeling.

Canva - DIY Marketing Collateral

Are your clients getting confused with the things you’re trying to make them understand? Canva is a creative designing tool that can attract more users to your real estate agency. The tool will help you to design some extraordinary templates to make your marketing material look honed.

With just drag and drop of elements, you can build alluring templates to showcase it to your users. Tools available with Canva are textbox, fonts, colors, visual parts, and so on. You can save the template that you built and, on a later basis, can customize it as per your needs. Further, Canva has some pre-designs graphics and templates specially designed for the real estate sector.

Take a look at the Real Estate site Maximum Real Estate Exposure. They use Canva to design all of their custom real estate graphics. It is a big part of the site's branding, which makes them stand out as a real estate agent.

eSignature App

Regardless of all, there is one thing that every real estate agency needs for the closure- Signature. These days people are more comfortable with online documents as they come with security. The paperless work has led to lesser frauds that occur during the property closure.

An eSignature app will help you to get the signatures quickly from the buyers as well as sellers. This will ultimately lead to a faster and secure process after the closure of a deal. Some of the most trusted eSignature apps available are DocuSign, HelloSign, etc.


Property documents are always to be kept with the utmost care; therefore, roaming around with it could be dangerous. Real estate agencies need to deal with a lot of documentation every day. But thanks to the document scanner apps like CamScanner. The app will scan almost every type of document and convert it to PDF format.

With such tech tools, you don’t need to keep the documents handy. Also, at the time of emergency need of documents, you don’t need to rush for the document. For real estate agencies, it will be easy to manage the forms and send them to the clients.

The Bottom Line on Real Estate Technology Tools

The one question, which every real estate agent should ask themselves is, “ Will these real estate tech tools help their clients for a better decision?” If yes, then tech tools are crucial for your real estate agency.

Tech tools are becoming an essential part of every industry. To enhance the user experience and keep your real estate agency on the top, these tools will help you the best. So, are you ready to be the next trending real estate agency?

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About the author: The above article on the ten best tech-tools for real estate agents was written by Ciara Carron. Ciara is a writer with a strong passion for a number of topics including real estate and technology.

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