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Is the GOP Trying to Crash the Economy to Push Out Obama?

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A number of Democrats in Congress rose up on Wednesday and spoke about something that progressive radio and TV hosts have been saying for some time: the Republicans are intentionally slowing the economy down, risking the lives of Main Street Americans because they want Obama out of office.

These sorts of accusations have been made for some time on the shows of such progressives as Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press, Norman Goldman, Mike Malloy, and more (podcasts available on their sites). Discussions on those shows, including callers, have wondered why the Democrats have not made an issue of this. On Wednesday, they began to finally speak out. The question is, are Americans, who have a tendency to miss things, listening.

Thom Hartmann specifically spoke about the press conference on his Thursday show and a blog post, as well. There, he said that Democrats are finally catching on to the GOP strategy of trying to make the economy worse, risking the lives, health, and jobs of Americans, because they can't stand a Democrat in the White House. He said,

"I’ve been saying for a long time that Republicans have one strategy – to crash the economy so that President Obama loses in 2012. Now – finally – it looks like Democrats have figured that out. In a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday – top Democrats called out Republicans for stopping anything that will help the economy. "

It took place in a Capitol press conference on Wednesday. The Senate's top Democrats argued that the GOP doesn't want to pass job creation measures, such as a temporary payroll tax holiday for employers, because job creation measures will improve President Obama's re-election chances.

For one, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) said, "Our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are driven by putting one man out of work: President Obama."

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), said, "We are also open to hiring incentives, perhaps in the form of a payroll tax cut for employers that was floated by the administration.... [T]hat might not be our first choice, that shows how willing we are to work with the Republicans to create jobs. It's pro-business, it's a tax cut, and many Republicans have been for it in the past. But now all of a sudden they're coming out against it."

Why would they be against it? It is a tax cut, which is the only method that the GOP thinks will work, no matter what. It will be interesting to see what method they use some time in the future when tax rates are so low they cannot be cut further, yet America's federal government needs money for say ... its military (one thing no politician wants to cut).

Randi Rhodes, on her Thursday radio show, called it like she saw it. She said the GOP is doing exactly that, planning to take down the economy to get Obama out of office, because they hope voters will forget who really brought the economy down. The POTUS always takes the blame, even if it is not his fault.

She called the GOP's practice one thing: evil.

The whole thing is interesting also, because previously John Boehner said that the economy was in turmoil, because of "the uncertainty." There is certainly a lot of uncertainty, now.

In addition, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), speaking about Libya ... but this can be applied to anything ... said that if there was a Republican in the White House things would be going easier. "I think some of these views were probably held by some of my members even in the previous administration but party loyalty tends to kind of mute them ... A lot of our members, not having a Republican in the White House, feel more free to kind of express their reservations which might have been somewhat muted during the previous administration." This applies to debt ceiling limits, as well, which we raised seven times during the Bush administration. Watch it:

Finally, you can watch the Democrats' press conference from Wednesday below.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


There is no need for the GOP to interfere at all with the economy... Obama has single-handedly worsened the weak economy he inherited. This is typical Leftist tactics to once again blame the GOP for their own actions that caused us to be in the sorry economic state we are currently suffering through. You can bet your bottom dollar the Democratic Liberals would be taking ALL the credit for any turn-around (had it occurred) and that now that it is apparent that the economy will most likely be getting worse yet, the Democratic Liberals are once again looking for someone to blame; instead of taking responsibility for their own actions that have led us to our present state. Obama's actions roughly equate to "Straightening out the deck chairs on the Titanic." It was Obama who recently (and finally) acknowledged that it must be the private sector to create jobs... DUH! Government NEVER creates jobs, it is ALWAYS the Private Sector that creates them through investment, expansion and HIRING... when the appropriate tax and business incentives exist. As Free Enterprises, it is their Right to make those decisions. It should be Government's Responsibility and Obligation to create the appropriate environment for that to occur..... rather than SPENDING the country into oblivion...

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